Police Defense

      In Police Defense, The player will play the commander of the police unit, which at all costs must stop the illegal participants worldwide racing series WIS (Word Illegal Series) held in different parts of the world. Game system that was implemented in Police Defense is a Tower Defense. We get a fresh look at the antiquated system that is ideally suited to the eternal struggle between the police and the pirates road. Arenas will play both in the city and well-known areas beyond. There we get 10 different devices, led by a speed camera, radar manual "hair", and segmental radar. Each of the three power levels and coverage, which will be able to raise the use of points received for fines issued to participants racing. During the game, will visit 14 locations, including Japan, China, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Egypt, Brazil, Jamaica and the USA. Each of the panels contains the characteristics of the country, which has also been highlighted by the music, referring to the site.
Graphics Police Defense has been done in great detail in FullHD resolution. Unfortunately, not all devices available on the market are able to meet the requirements of graphics and for them to just put the game designers can change the settings so that the game runs smoothly on slower devices.



     World Illegal Series (WIS) are races taking part in different, of ten remote, parts of the World. The competitors are not only endangered with attacks by their co-racers, but also the Police, which does everything in its powers to stop those crazy races. The series starts in Tokyo and finishes in New York. During it the whole cavalcade of race cars will roll through the world’s most beautiful spots. We, the policemen, can not allow those madmen to roll over these beautiful locations, or create dangerous situations on the road. We must take all steps available to stop World Illegal Series, by catching the most dangerous drivers. Grasp your radar gun!

1.    Japan – series of illegal WIS races starts in Japan, the Country, characterized by so rich culture and history also has a large group of fans of most modern and extremely fast cars. The competition is even more attractive because it takes place in the historic part of Tokyo, among the historic monuments of Japanese culture. The country of the blossoming cherry tree is the first stage for World’s largest illegal races of the WIS series.
Don’t stand by side – buckle up, as your first trial is about to begin!

2.    China – After the exciting race in Japan the whole World Illegal Series crew moves on to China, to race at the feet of one of the Wonders of the World. The main attraction of this stage is the Great Wall of China. The race takes place not far from the Capital of China – Beijing.
Did the Terracotta Army soldiers issue speeding tickets?

3.    Russia – we leave the exotic Asia and move to Europe, and more precisely to the largest city in the east of the continent. It is in Moscow that the competitors will face an exhausting race on the Red Square, where the influences of the overturned communism meet with those of the Moscow Orthodox Church.

4.    Norway – It’s time for the icy North. We move to the vicinity of the Arctic circle, where the cars of the competitors of World Illegal Series will be faced with extremely low temperatures and difficult weather conditions. Moreover, our brave police force will do anything to make their life harder.

5.     Great Britain – we change the location to a bit warmer, but foggy London. It is in the capital of the left-hand traffic, red city buses and black cabs that the participants of the WIS races will face the narrow and winding roads of London. We, on the other hand, will have to take advantage of their difficult situation, and be able to boast about the largest number of issued speeding tickets after duty.

6.    France – The convoy of cars approaches the undoubted centre for culture and arts – Paris. The World Illegal Series spins off for good, and every race sees more cars falling out of the competition, thanks to our actions. Now we will check who will gain the upper hand in this beautiful, and up till now calm city.

7.    Italy – Hot Rome welcomes the participants of WIS with sun and breathtaking beauty of its historic monuments. Where will the race take place? Could the ancient Colloseum become an arena for new struggles?

Our Policemen are far from taking a break and are fully prepared to counter the mad World Illegal Series drivers.
8.    Spain – the city that will host the next WIS race is commonly known as the holy places of football. This time the participants of the illegal races will face eachother on a large Madrid circuit. The circuit leads around a football stadium well known to all football fans. What happens if the race is to take place on a matchday? We can but hope, that there will be enough place for us to place our radars.

9.    Egypt – it’s farewell Europe, we begin the African series of races. To begin with it the World Illegal Series will roll through the country that once was the cradle for an ancient civilization. The pyramids and the Sphinx are the remains of the Great Egypt. In this beautiful setting of Cairo we will, once again, be faced with speeding cavalcade of sports care.

10.    Sahara – Sand, dunes, snakes and scorpions. This remote terrain will stage the next event of the World Illegal Series. Sahara is the place if it comes to verifying which driver deserves the title of WIS master. Cars at speed raising clouds of sand – that’s a breathtaking vista. What does a real representative of the law enforcement do, when faced with it? He catches the traffic offenders, even when there are no roads around, so take hold on to your radar!

11.    Brazil – Sahara remains but a memory, with the whole WIS moved to the damp terrains of the Amazon delta. The drivers will be faced with extremely poor driving conditions. They will become stuck in mud, sinking their vehicles while trying to ford rivers. To make things even less easy for them we, the brave Policemen, will catch them with our radars in order to preserve the unique natural resources, the green lungs of planet Earth.

12.    Jamaica – The Caribbean are one of World’s most beautiful regions, commonly named the earthly heaven. And now a pack of speeding, wild and roaring monsters is driving over its beaches and forests. Yes, it is World Illegal Series, approaching with devastating force and destroying the peace of the tourists. You have no other choice but to stop this madness, so waste no time. Good luck Captain!

13.    USA part 1 – It is already the last continent on route of the World Illegal Series. The toughest competition between speeding rides and the Police upholding the law is just about to take place. Fight! Don’t let them run over one of the symbols of the USA. Make it remain untouched for future generations. Use all means available to prevent the upcoming disaster.

14.    USA part 2 – It is now them or us. World Illegal Series has reached its final destination. New York became an arena for the last stage of the race. Thos madmen found their way to the Liberty Island, where they plan to stage their final match, around the Statue of Liberty. Do your best to protect this magical place from the savage horde of destructive WIS cars.


1. Speed camera
Stationary Speed camera are used by Police throughout the world. It takes pictures of traffic offences.
You can catch a few offenders thank to it.

2. Roadside Police car
There’s no feeling like meeting a policeman wielding his radar gun from behind a tree. An effective measure against traffic offenders.

3. Average speed measurement
If a speed camera is just not enough for you, use an average speed measurement device. By hanging it directly over the street you will be able to stop a large number of cars.

4. Road sensors
No policeman, no flash of light, and a speeding ticket! A silent and efficient way of countering mass speeding offences.

5. Spike-strip
There are those, who say it is far off the scale. We use as many as possible. There is nothing other that stops cars so well.
6. Laser
Extremely effective weapon to eliminate irresponsibly driven cars.

7. Rocket launcher
If the Law and Order requires that? The ultimate and total weapon against criminals.

8. Machine gun
Runflat tires may take some pistol rounds, but this gun has the upper hand.

9. Cannon
If the machine gun is simply not enough for you, this will rip open even an armored car body.

10. EMP
If common radars are not enough to stop the cars, a properly aimed electromagnetic pulse will do the trick.

11. A mobile Police car
A squad car equipped with traffic surveillance camera is the most effective way to catch traffic offenders. You will be able to catch everyone with it.

12. A moving military car.
Heavyweight representative of the WIS races countermeasures. Tremble offenders, there comes your destiny.

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